Pee Puddles and Potential Vacations

Last week I had another one of those crazy days. Although it was more relaxing than normal at work, there were a few unfortunate incidents. For starters, one of the youngest kids had a rough day and had an accident. After making sure the child was alright, I proceeded to clean up the floor with a mop and bucket. However, I accidentally knocked a roll of tape into the bucket of dirty water. It was pretty gross… especially since I had to retrieve the roll with glove-less hands. Despite this incident and the later soaking by a shaken pop, I wanted to post something today on the blog. I have been feeling a little bit worn down lately, which got me thinking about vacations. There is no way that I am able to take a vacation this year, but I thought of so many places I might want to go in the future.

I would love to rent a cottage by the lakeside. It sounds so nice to sit in a comfy lawn chair by the lake and look up at the stars as the waves hit the shore. I love the idea of hiking through the woods, taking a boat out on the water, and having a bonfire every night. I think it would even count as a romantic honeymoon.A second place I would love to visit would be Disney World. I have been there before, but I would love to go again and have the chance to visit the places I didn’t get a chance to see. On the other hand, a Disney cruise would be really fun too. I really like the idea of having a blast while relaxing. 

These are just a few ideas I’ve had but these two vacation destinations seem the most likely locations I would visit. Hopefully I can get to one of them soon, but day dreaming will work until then. Is there somewhere you would love to vacation right now? Leave it in a comment!

Until next time,