I’m Back! …. Again….

Hi Everyone,

I am back again and this time to stay. I feel much better now even though I am still having some trouble eating like normal. I’m hoping that I can eat whatever I want again in a few days. I am deeply craving chocolate, but it is a bit too hard to eat at this stage. Besides the surgery I had recently, I’ve also moved back to my university. Classes start tomorrow which is pretty exciting, but it is also a bit frightening. Regardless, I want to keep posting on the blog as often as I can and have some ideas for future posts. I am planning on writing some of these ideas out today and possibly even posting some. Look forward to those!

Until next time,



Wait Mister Postman

I’ve scheduled this post ahead of time to give you a little heads up. Today I am getting my wisdom teeth out. I’m not sure when I will be okay to post again, but hopefully soon. I’ve scheduled a a few posts for next week so look forward to those, but other than that, postings may be slim. Perhaps Jer will be able to post a few for you to enjoy! In the meantime, the song Please Mr. Postman came to mind so maybe you can enjoy listening to that while any other posts are in the process of being made.

Until Next time,


Beautifying Zee Blog

In case you haven’t noticed, some changes have been made to the blog. At the top of the page you can now look up blog posts by category! This is something that I have wanted set up since day one, but had a very hard time figuring out. After a lot of googling and observing other blogs, I finally figured it out. WordPress has a lot of good guides for newbie bloggers. I highly recommend spending some time on there if you can. I hope this small change helps make it easier for you to enjoy reading on the site. I also changed the theme to a more clean and open look. Hopefully it will be easier to read this way as well. As for the rest of the blog, I’m in the process of getting more photos for the pages and have some other cool ideas up my sleeves. Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see on the blog and I’ll do my best to make it happen!


A Little Update


I wanted to give everyone a little update. First off, I bet some of you noticed that Phliofaith’s contributing author has posted on the blog. I am super excited that he has offered to share some of his ideas on the blog especially since he is such a music and movie buff. It is something really exciting to look forward to in future weeks! Check out his first post here!

Secondly, I am working on a few ideas for the blog so look forward to those! In addition, I’m working on the “Walking the Walk” series and hope to post the next one very soon. With this being said, please let me know if there are any topics you would like to hear about.

Lastly, I have wonderful news! I recently got a new laptop so I am looking forward to writing more posts with ease. It has been two long years since I have had a laptop to complete my work on and am really excited about all the possibilities it enables me to have. God is good! I feel so blessed to afford something so extravagant as a laptop.

Until next time,