Tips for getting a good nights sleep

I don’t know about you guys, but I really have difficulty trying to sleep. Over the years I have developed some tactics to try to help me sleep. I’d like to share them with you so here they are:

1. Set a goal bed time.
Not every night will you be able to fulfil this set time so don’t get upset. However, if you set a goal time and commit to sticking to it when possible, you are bound to get into a routine.

2. Make your bedroom as comfortable and restful as possible. 
You may not be able to change the wall colour or furniture, but you can add personal touches such as pillows or photographs that will help make the space the way you want it. My only advice here is to stay away from colours that are too bright. These colours are very stimulating and may keep your brain up longer.

3. Dim your lights at a certain time.
About an hour before I start to get ready for bed I dim the lights in my room. I turn off the main overhead light and turn on one or two smaller ones. This way I can tell my body that it is time to start sleeping soon. Think of it as a little trick you pull on your brain.

4. Drink calming tea.
Don’t do this too close to bed or else you’ll have to pee all night, but a few hours before bed start relaxing with a cup of tea. Be careful which teas you choose to drink as some have high caffeine contents which will keep you awake. Herbal teas are probably best or teas that are designed to have a calming effect. With that being said, some people react differently with teas so there may be a bit of trial and error involved. David’s tea has a tea called Forever Nuts and it knocks me out cold after a few sips… No idea why but it does! 

5. Try to reduce noise.
I am a very light sleeper so this one was important for me. Any noise seemed to wake me up! Then I discovered that if I produced some white noise or calming noise, I could sleep better. Fans are excellent white noise makers and keep you cool. You can actually buy white noise makers too. For me, my fish tank produces a bubbly, raindrop type sound which is enough to get me to sleep better. It cancels outside noise enough and makes me happy.

6. Don’t think too much.
If you also have an active mind, you may find it hard to turn off your brain at night. All these tips help with relaxing your thoughts but sometimes you have to tell yourself not to do something. This isn’t full-proof but if you tell yourself to stop thinking about something at bedtime and set a new time to deal with it, you can usually turn your brain off. Then actually deal with the issue at the new time you set! It will take some getting used to but if you can learn this skill it will help you a ton. 

7. Wind down.
To get ready to sleep, do something to wind down. Reading a book or writing in a journal are good ways to wind down. Watching TV is relaxing for some people, but at bedtime it might be a bit too fast paced to help you get to sleep.

I hope that these ideas are helpful if you too have trouble sleeping. Heres to many happy dreams and a restful sleep tonight!

Until next time,