The Mind and Body: Part 6

Here is my last tip for having a healthy mind and body:

Talk to someone
I cannot even begin to tell you how important this one has been to me over the past years. I think A LOT. That quality in itself is not a bad thing. Generally, it has a been a good thing as it has helped me to be more creative and solve problems quicker. However, the blessing of a thinking mind is a curse if you have something pressing or not so nice on your mind. Sometimes, I can’t solve the problem I’m experiencing unless I talk to someone about. Now, you might say, what if you don’t have someone to talk to? Boy have I been there! I will list some suggestions below that will achieve the effect of talking to someone and that will help you deal with whatever comes your way in life.

1. Talk to Someone

Personally, I find that if there is a real person you can sit down with and pour your heart out to over a warm cup of tea, you should do that. Not everyone has a person like this in their life and thats okay too. This is a person that you will want to be trustworthy and open to listening. With that being said, if they are a friend or family member, be open to returning the favour one day and make sure they are okay with you discussing your problem. If they are a counsellor, then don’t worry. They are paid to listen to you, but do treat them with respect even if you disagree with something they say.

2. Pray 

If you need someone to talk to, God is always there to listen. It might make you feel better to silently pray or pray outloud. If you don’t believe in God, you could try just saying problem outloud or try praying anyway. He’ll still hear you! Sometimes, the comfort of telling someone is all you need to clear your head enough to find a solution. 

3. Journal

This one is a biggie! I am horrible at consistantly writing in a journal and if anyone finds my journal after I die, I bet they will think I lived a horribly depressing life. However, the reason so many troubling stories are recorded in my journal is that I use it as a tool to talk to someone when there is no real person available. That may sound a little weird, but it is sort of like talking to yourself. You begin by writing out the situation and then you can look back at what you wrote with a new perspective in a little while. By doing this, you may see a solution that you couldn’t think of before. As an added bonus, it is very therapeutic and helps calm you down. Many times, I write down prayers as well. By doing that, I can review the prayers at a later time and see how they were answered or if I need to keep praying about them. 

4. Blog

This one is a new thing for me, but it seems to be working out well. You may not know anyone who is actually reading your blog, but there is something really helpful about sharing your ideas in a network of people. Although the internet can be a cruel place, generally speaking, most people are good and want to interact with you and your ideas. Even if they disagree, thats okay because it will help you grow as a person and it will hopefully help them as well! Try it out and I think you will like what you experience.

There you have it! I hope these tips have been helpful and if you would like to hear some more tips on a particular topic, let me know in a comment below. Thanks for reading 🙂

– Katie