It is fall. My favourite season! I love how the colours of leaves start to change and the weather is the perfect temperature. I love how you can finally wear those cute sweaters and boots too! The only thing I dislike about fall is the yearly fall flu. Some years I’m lucky and escape the dreaded invasion, but this year I did not. As a lay here in bed surrounded by assignments, I thought, “Hey! why not write a blog post about it!” So here I am talking to you about the flu and what I do to feel better.

  1. Get some rest if you can. It is super important because it will give your body time to heal.
  2. Drink some tea. I have a badly sore stomach so I’m trying some mint tea right now. However, there are so many great teas to drink that are great when you are not feeling well. The important thing is to keep hydrated!
  3. Drugs. I don’t think you should take drugs if you can do without, but if you are in pain or about to throw up, an advil or some gravol could do some good.
  4. Watch some TV. Netflix is a great choice to occupy time if you are stuck in bed. (If you need some ideas, a blog I follow called Ordinary Adventures has some great recommendations.) If you don’t have netflix, try channel surfing or watching a movie you love.
  5. Read. Sometimes T.V. doesn’t cut it and you might need to engage your mind further. A good fiction novel really helps pass the time and allows you to get your rest.
  6. Eat. It is really important to keep eating even if you don’t feel like it. Soup, crackers, or toast are some good light options when you have no appetite.
  7. See the Doc. If your sickness is lasting too long or there is something unusual about your sickness it is best to see a professional. A doctor can diagnose you and give you better treatment if it is something a bit of rest can’t cure.

There are tons of things you can do to help get yourself feeling back to your old self, but I hope that these few tips will work for you.

What do you do when you are sick? How do you get better?

From one bedridden gal,



The Mind and Body: Part 5

Here is the next tip! 

A Healthy Diet

Eating healthy is really important. To keep our bodies healthy and minds working well, food provides us with the energy to keep going, repair our cells, and best of all: food is yummy. It is not always easy to eat healthy but I do think that there are some easy steps you can take to eat healthy in a realistic way. 

1. Eat at least three meals a day!

Your body really needs food to keep going throughout the day. Not eating doesn’t help you be healthy, feel good, or help you lose weight (I’m not suggesting you should be trying to!) Three meals a day is a good base to go from to get your daily dose of energy. For some people, 4-5 smaller meals might be better to keep your energy up and to stop you from snacking on junk food.

2. Mix it up!

Eat a variety of foods. Some from all the food groups! A good rule of thumb I go by is to pick some food from each food group and choose a variety of colours. People say that a variety of colours in food is healthier, I’m not sure if thats true but it does make me happy to look at.

3. Indulge a little!

I am convinced that the absolute worst thing you can do in eating healthy is to cut out all the foods you love. What I mean by this is you are allowed to have some sweets sometimes or a greasy fast food meal once in awhile. Over time, eating junk food will reduce on its own, but it is always important to give yourself a treat once in awhile. 

These are the three guidelines I generally use for myself. Of course no one is perfect and I certainly don’t meet these everyday, but I do strive to! I hope these tips are insightful and if you have some tips, feel free to leave them in a comment below.

– Katie