Goals for October

Hi everyone,

I am a really goal orientated person and thrive when I have some laid out ideas of what I would like to accomplish. Goals are a tricky thing since you have to be well motivated to achieve them, they have to be attainable, and you have to be willing to possibly fail at reaching them. I have been feeling a little lost since I haven’t had goals set in awhile. Today all that is changing! I am going to make a small list of goals to hopefully achieve this month. I am going to start small and see how that goes. I am also going to try to write about how the goal setting went at the end of the month! (Look at me already setting a goal haha!) Okay here it goes!

  1. Finish the thank you letters for my wedding.

I have no idea how many of you readers are married or have ever been given the task of writing thank you letters. Right now, thank you letters are the bane of my existence. They haunt me every where I turn in my apartment! I am so thankful for all the lovely wedding gifts we have received and really do want to show my appreciation, but handwriting hundreds of cards was a huge mistake on my part. I think my hand is literally going to fall off! This month I hope to conquer the remaining cards and deliver the rest that remain on my coffee table.

2. Write more.

I love to write. I really do. I find that it is the best way for me to express my thoughts and my ideas. I feel more confident when I write and I love to explore where my mind takes me. I have contributed to some published material in the form of editing, but I would really love to pursue some of my own personal ideas. I want to write more blog posts and I want to start writing the books that have been floating around my mind for years. My goal is to write something (non-school related) at least twice a week.

3. Schedule more. 

The past year or so I have been so busy that my brain is fried. I keep forgetting to do things  and I know that I thrive better when I schedule things out. In fact, when I write a to-do list it often relievers stress for me. When I write something down, I feel like I don’t have to worry about it anymore. This goal is basically to use my agenda more. I want to be organized and de-stress myself so that I do better in school, my daily life, and be more healthy in general.

There you have it! Three goals that I want to achieve in the month of October. I think they are fairly attainable goals and I am excited to try them out. I look forward to telling you all how they went at the end of the month!

What is a goal you have set for October? 


The Agenda

The agenda. Let’s talk about planning. Using an agenda is seriously the only way my life gets organized. I can guess that many of you are in the same boat as I am: working, going to class, in a relationship, spending time with friends, etc. I organize it all in this niffy little book.

Agenda Cover

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Bigfoot and Relaxation

Here I am checking in on this lovely Sunday evening. I think I’ve done pretty well with the goals I have set out for the blog this past week. I have posted more, but am still looking to create a more regular posting schedule. As for more photos, my camera still has yet to be set up again. This is one goal that needs to carry on into next week. Overall, this has been a good week though. 

Today was especially good. Some great opportunities came up at church this morning and I enjoyed the pastor’s sermon a lot. To add to the good day, I had lunch with my boyfriend and had the pleasure of visiting Chapters. I love going there! It has to be one of my favourite stores to visit. Today was an extra nice visit as both of us purchased some desired items. My boyfriend bought a graphic novel and one of Stephen’s Kings novels, and I got a lapdesk and a file for my tax papers (eww taxes). As I sit here using my beautiful new lapdesk, I can already tell it is going to make productivity a lot better for the blog and my work. I’m also happy that today I finally got some relaxation in too. For fun, I watched a documentary called “Bigfoot’s Reflection” and have to say I don’t know what to think about it now. Maybe there is a creature like that out there in the woods. Who knows! Anyway, I hope you are all having a relaxing weekend and I look forward to sharing with you all more next week.

Until next time,


When you don’t reach your goals

So this week was a bit weird. Many situations came up out of the blue and I felt extra exhausted. I guess I technically posted twice this week, but I feel like to reach that goal I must post twice during weekdays. I am a bit disappointed but I understand that it is not possible to reach all your goals every time. Sometimes when we don’t reach our goals, it is worthwhile to look back and see why we didn’t reach them. Was the goal unrealistic? Did anunforeseen  circumstance come up? Did you say the goal was one thing when you really meant something a bit more specific? These are all good questions to ask when goal setting. So today I have decided to refine my goal. I propose to post two blogs minimum during the weekdays and more on the weekend if I have time. I would also like to add a new goal. This week I want to get my camera charged and working again so I can take some nice photos for this blog. IPhone’s are great but they just don’t match up to a real camera. There you have it! Two new goals.

Happy Goal Setting,


What a Week!

I’m really happy to know that I met my goal of posting at least twice this week. Hopefully I can keep that number up and even increase it. I’m finding that writing has really been good for me. Brainstorming new ideas and expressing myself has made me feel a lot less stressed and has allowed me to make some pretty big goals. I am so pleased to let you guys know that this week I have come up with over 30 ideas for this blog. As I commute to work, I have been trying to brainstorm different topics I want to write on. I’m so excited to share some of these ideas with you! Some of these ideas may take some time to show up because they are a bit complicated, but the prospect of them is thrilling! As for the week, it was quite stressful at work. The kids were really hyper and defiant. Regardless, everyone seemed to have a good time. 

This week, I am hoping to keep up posting here and sharing some of my brainstormed ideas. I am hoping that this week will be less stressful and that I can get some more work done. As a side note, I would really like to organize my desk again. It is getting a bit cluttered and I know there are many things that can be done to fix that. Heres to a productive week and lots of blog posts!

Until Next Time,