The Matrix as The Gospel

Neo is a Messianic figure.

To release the  world from Mr. Smith’s dark grip. And he died to do so.

There isn’t much more to it. Well, that and some pretty intense CGI and bad acting by Keanu Reeves.


Walking the Walk: part 2

I’m just going to go ahead and start with one of the biggest problems I saw before becoming a Christian: Read the Bible.

If you are going to claim the things that are professed in the Christian faith (which all come from the Bible) then you better read it. Now, I am not saying to read the whole entire thing in one sitting. That would be madness as it is a pretty big collection of books (66 if you are in the Protestant stream or up to 81 if you are in some Orthodox streams). The point is to make an effort to actually know what you believe in. In any Philosophy class you attend, one of the very first things you learn is to have good reasons for the things you believe. I think its fair to say this stretches into the realm of religion or faith too.  Continue reading “Walking the Walk: part 2”

Guardians & Such

Despite the violence, language and sexual escapades of Marvel’s new film, The Guardians of the Galaxy, I still find something in it worth writing about. Many beliefs and values in the Christian life can be found in pop culture and it is the essence of the characters, and that of super heroes in general that invoke spiritual themes here. Since God is the source of everything good, in order for there to be good reflected anywhere, an aspect of God must be present.

In this specific film, the characters and overarching theme is riddled with aspects of the Christian walk that we each aspire to. Continue reading “Guardians & Such”