Zombies, Ghosts, Chainsaws and Blood, lots and lots of blood; these are just a few sights you might encounter as Halloween draws near. Although the things of Halloween or even horror movies seem harmless, I believe that there is much more to them than just fun and games. Let’s be blunt here and state one bias I might have. I am a Christian and my faith guides me away from these things, but I want to talk about this issue for reasons outside of my faith. Despite my stance on horror which was partially formed ¬†because of my faith, not every Christian agrees. Many of my friends do participate and celebrate Halloween. They have no problem with horror movies or books. Their claim is that these things are harmless and do not affect their lives. They explain that being scared is part of the fun as it gives them a rush of adrenaline. However, I would like to explain my side of things. Continue reading “Horror”


The Mind and Body: Part 4

Here is my fourth tip to having a healthy mind and body that will help you in your spiritual walk as well. 

Most people hate to do it, but there are just so many benefits to exercise. Exercise helps our bodies grow strong, to keep our hearts and lungs pumping oxygen and blood, helps us to feel more happy… The List goes on! The cool thing about exercise is that it can help heal your body too. Last year, I pinched a nerve and used physiotherapy to help the injury heal. It is still healing, but the results have been dramatic. I really do think exercise is important and helps us to lead healthier lives. If you are one of those people who don’t like to exercise, maybe these steps will help you find some exercise you like.

1. Decide you want to exercise. 

You will have to make that choice. You don’t want to feel forced by others.

2. Set a realistic goal.

Choose a goal. Maybe that is to do 30 mins of exercise once a week for one month. Then the following month you want to do 30 mins of exercise twice a week. Start small, but stick to your goal!

3. Find some activities you like to do.

I would try to find one cardio activity you like (ex. jumping rope, swimming,) and one toning activity you like (ex. yoga, pilates, weight lifting.) That way you can mix up what you are doing and do something you enjoy. Also make sure it is something your doctor approves of you doing. Maybe running isn’t a good idea if you just had knee surgery.

4. Dedicate your plan to God.

This really should be the first step, but sometimes you might feel like you can’t dedicate something to Him if you don’t know what it is. You could just say, “whatever exercise plan I make, I dedicate it to you. I want to keep my body and mind healthy so that I can better serve you.” God is the best accountability partner there is!

5. Ask a friend to join you and keep each other accountable.

There is strength in numbers my friends! Also it is way more fun.

I hope these help to get you on your exercise journey. Don’t feel discouraged if you struggle to keep a routine. I have trouble with that too. Just keep trying and eventually you will get the hang of it, or change your goals to suit your current needs for a set time period. If it is encouraging, when I exercise I find that this verse really makes me motivated.

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. “ 
 – 2 Timothy 4:7

This verse isn’t exactly about exercise, but it feels encouraging to exercise while focusing on the “spiritual race” I am training in. Hope that makes sense!

– Katie

The Mind and Body: Part 1

Today I was so tired and grumpy. Who hasn’t had those days? These days are the ones where we don’t feel like doing anything, talking to people, or going outside; a cozy blanket and a good read sounds like the best course of action on these days…

And then reality kicks in.

In real life, we can’t always pause life and crawl into our cocoons of comfort. However, as I sat reflecting on the day, I realized that there were little events that made it better. These events made my tiredness and grumpy attitude a little better and easier to manage. Before I knew it, I had come up with other ways to help how I was feeling. Since so many of us have days like these I thought I would share my tips and tricks with you. I am no expert, but these methods have certainly improved my standard of living.
The mind and body (and soul) are all important factors of human existence. It is important for us to take care of these parts of ourselves. I’ve found that if we ignore one of these areas, we become unhappy, tired, or even sick. All three parts, mind, body and soul, are connected and effect the other parts, which is why it is important to not ignore them.

With all this being said, I am a firm believer that having spiritual life is an important part of taking care of your entire being (especially your soul). Our spiritual lives are the most important parts of us as its condition determines our eternal destination. However, I didn’t want to talk about what a healthy spiritual life might look like just yet. God goes first in all things, but I want to share something that I think is not shared enough. Without replacing the importance of having a spiritual life, I wonder if sometimes we must begin to deal with our mental and physical problems before we can properly begin living spiritually. What I mean by this is that sometimes our other problems overwhelm us to the point that we cannot deal with our spiritual lives until we begin to manage what is overwhelming us. Sometimes problems we are facing in other areas of our life act as road blocks in our spiritual journey. I am not saying that we should have everything figured out and dealt with before we start working on our spiritual lives, just a start in other areas yet to be fully resolved. Again, we don’t need everything figured out to go to God and in fact, we never will have everything figured out. My point is that sometimes we have a mental or physical issue that blocks us from going any further in our spiritual walk until we address it. To address the issue, we may pray to God as say “I have this problem, please help me heal” or we may begin to address the issue by stating to ourselves, “I have this problem. I don’t like it.”

For example, I could never seem to get the hang of reading my Bible. I began to resent doing my daily reading because I had so much trouble getting it done and other things on my mind. I realized one day that I did not have a good schedule set in my life so I decided to start one. Once I began to establish times for waking and sleeping, doing errands, and such, it was unbelievable. It was so easy to pick up my Bible and read each day AND I felt a million times better physically, mentally, and spiritually. Another example might be someone suffering from depression. They may be told that God is there for them or that these feelings may pass, but might not ever be able to take a step further on that spiritual journey until they say, “I do not feel happy, but I want to be so I am going to get help to change that.” To make a long story short, this is why I wanted to write about the mind and body first. As disciples of Christ, we are called to share our faith and be loving towards everyone. I don’t see how this is possible if we can’t take care of ourselves (with God’s help of course). Over the next few days I am going to post some of my methods for you all to read. For today, I just wanted to introduce my idea and encourage you to think if there is an area that you might be ignoring or might not be taking the best care of. Maybe we can all set one goal for something we want to positively change in our lives to help us lead healthy mental, physical, or spiritual lives.

– Katie