Dealing with Alcoholics 

Today I had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a heavily drunk person. I understand that drinking can be relaxing and serve some health benefits according to some studies, but I have made a personal choice to not drink. Before I go on, I want to clarify that I am okay with others drinking in my presence and I do not believe that the Bible says that people cannot drink. What I am not okay with is drunkenness and I am certain that the Bible does not support drunkenness either. Today the person I encountered was not only heavily drunk but endangered my life, a child’s life, several bystanders and their own life. I still do not know how to completely process my emotions, but I do know that I will not put up with behaviour like that.

I have heard that alcohol addiction is a disease and that it can be genetic. I don’t doubt these claims as I have some first hand experience that seems to support these claims. I understand and have seen how devastating and destructive these addictions can be. People can get to the point where they no longer function without alcohol in their system, they can spend all their money on the drink, and they can hurt those who love them. It breaks my heart to hear about and see these situations. I wish that addictions were rare, but they just simply aren’t. I don’t know how many of you have had experience with alcoholics, but I felt like I wanted to discuss this with you all. In some cases, there are opportunities to say something to the person and that is enough to help them stop. In other cases, rehab is necessary and may take a long time for the addict to attend. In the worst cases, you may have to break contact partially or completely to keep yourself healthy and safe if the addict is being enabled by you or harming you. It is not an easy topic to discuss and an even harder topic to remedy. To be honest, I have no idea how to deal with a person suffering from alcohol addiction, but I really think that standing up for not having drunkenness around you could be a starting point. 

– Katie