About the Authors


Here I am starting a blog on a whim. Over the years, I have a lot of ideas and thoughts about things I have seen, heard, or read about, but have had no place to release them. I’m hoping that this blog can be used to express these ideas and thoughts to the few or many eyes that come across it. If anything, starting a new hobby is always something worth doing right?

Who knows what will become of this blog, but you can expect to find posts about life, faith, and philosophy here. I don’t claim to be an expert in any of these areas, but I do hope that my posts will be entertaining and thought provoking. Who knows maybe some other random subjects will appear on here one day!




On a cold dark night, in a far away galaxy, with my trusty stead and the dismembered head of a gargoyle, I was ushered into a musty tavern. Inside this tavern I met a lady. She told me she started a blog and that I should join her in writing too. So here I am, making up an exciting story for how I became a part of this blog. I’m not sure what I will write about but I hope it will be entertaining and allow me to share some of my thoughts with you.



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