Surviving the Depths: Living in the Basement

If there is one think that I have learned in my life so far it is that living in the basement sucks. You do it for many reasons: cheaper rent, cooler summers, the occasional bigger space; But it really sucks.

Recently, I have been blessed with the opportunity to move into an above ground dwelling and I couldn’t be more happy. However, I was thinking that many of you might also hate the basement yet not have the luxury of moving at this time. I thought I would share some ideas to make your basement stay a little more pleasant and give you my thoughts on surviving the depths.

1. Brighten up the place

If you don’t have access to sunlight, its super important that you get some light in your life. This consist of buying lamps or blue light lamps (they mimic sunlight) to brighten your space and your mood. It could also involve incorporating cheerful colours into your space. Yellows and whites always make me feel a little more bright and cheery.

2. Keep it clean

It is really important to keep any space clean as no one wants critters hiding among their things, but it is extra important in a basement. Bugs love basements because they tend to be damp, cool, and dark. The more tidy your space is and the more frequently you clean the less likely you are to have uninvited guests roaming your halls.

3. Buy a dehumidifier… or a humidifier 

Basements are weird. They either tend to be super damp or super dry. Dehumidifiers can help take moisture out of the air and humidifiers help add moisture to the air. Depending on what you need either of these machines can help make your basement a little more comfortable.

4. Make it your own

It is so important to make your space your own! You want to feel at home when you pass through the doorway. Put up pictures, add cozy throw blankets, or pick objects that make you smile to put on display. There are so many different ways to do this just don’t forget to respect your landlord’s rules about decor.

5. Add scents

Sometimes basements smell gross. To counter this and make your basement feel more fresh try burning some candles or buying a diffuser. Pick scents that make you feel relaxed or make you feel happy. I love candles that smell like gardenia flowers or marshmallows roasting on a campfire.

6. If you have light… Use it!

Some basements actually allow for a measure of natural light to come into your apartment. If you have natural light that can be used, try looking for plants that require low light to put in a window sill. Greenery always makes a space feel better and can help improve air quality. I have had some success with peace lilies and english ivy even though they are not necessarily low light plants.

7. Get outside

As an introvert I totally understand the need to be at home and relaxing. However, it is really important for anyone, and especially those who don’t get much sunlight, to go outside. Go for walk or just stand awkwardly outside of your house. Getting some sunlight will do you good!

How do you survive living in a basement? What are your tricks to making your space comfy?




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