You wrote that where?

Do you have so much homework you feel like you can’t do anything else? Are you stressed out of your mind because every thought is consumed by upcoming deadlines? Welcome to the homework club! It is not always easy to manage school alongside with the rest of your life. You might have bills to pay, extra curricular activities to attend to, a significant other to be with, or Netflix might be calling your name.With all this on your mind motivation can be difficult to get when you have so much on your plate, but after many years of procrastinating and brainstorming I have found a helpful solution.

Let me tell you a secret…

I wrote my last paper in the bath tub. Yes! I really wrote my paper in the tub. Why you ask? Sometimes it pays to be creative when you are trying to get something done. I find taking a bath very relaxing and homework assignments very stressful. One day I had this brilliant idea of combining my favourite relaxation activity with one thing that was causing me stress. I filled the tub with hot water, threw in a bath bomb, and grabbed a clipboard. Within 20 minutes I had a full outline, a fully written introduction and enough information to write my whole paper in less than a day. The best part was I felt much less stressed! Maybe for you writing or reading in the tub is not your ideal way of relaxing or getting homework done, but there are plenty of other ways to combine relaxation with homework!

  1. Try exercising as you work!

Maybe its simply standing while you read or doing leg lifts while you read on a bed. Get creative and get moving with your work! Sometimes I like to set up “stations” around the house and move from one place to the next. Set up one assignment at the table and put a book you are reading on a shelf at eye level. Walking from spot to spot keeps your homework time dynamic and helps burn some calories!

2. Try different spots outside!

Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need to get those homework juices flowing. Working outside can be nice if you have the sun shine down on you and a nice breeze refreshing you. Try to find a spot where you feel relaxed and comfortable. Bring some water and a snack if you want too!

3. Audio while Working!

I have to read a lot for the masters program I am in and have recently discovered the beauty of audiobooks for class. Since I take many Theology courses, I listen to my required scripture readings while doing household chores. Although I wouldn’t suggest this for personal devotions, multitasking while listening to an audio version of your textbook can be a great way to minimize stress and get things done!

4. Don’t be ashamed of the potty!

This one might be a little gross, but its worth it! If you are reading a textbook for class, take it with you to the bathroom. We all have to “go” sometimes and you might as well make good use of the time you are restrained to your porcelain throne chair. Perhaps this is too gross for some of you, but it might be a good one to try!

5. A different part of the loo!

Keeping with our bathroom theme, the shower or the bath can be another great place to get work done. Listen to audiobooks in the shower or read in the bath. Another great thing to do is to grab a clipboard with some scrap paper and write. However, I wouldn’t suggest you bring a laptop into the tub, you don’t want to get electrocuted!

There are so many different ways to switch up your homework routine that help you to relieve stress while doing homework! It might involve some multitasking, but if you can find a method that works with you it can save you a lot of time!

What are some creative ways you get your homework done?

Share in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “You wrote that where?

  1. Mitchy

    Food! It’s my biggest inspiration. Eating and working. And I also like to leave the tv on. I also go with your number 4. Lol. Thanks for writing this, it’s a really beautiful and helpful post.


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