November/December Goals

I’m a little late on the draw with my November goals so I thought I would combine November and December. Maybe at the start of December I can do a check in to see where things are at.

I’ve done a lot of thinking about what I should work on this month  and have come up with quite a few different goals. Some are personal, some are a bit more trivial. Either way, I hope that these goals might inspire you to work towards some goals you may have for yourself!

1. Mail/Give Out Wedding Thank-Yous.

This goal naturally flows from last month’s goal. Now that all of these cards are written I have to give them all out. I’m hoping to finish this goal by December 1st so that I no longer have to worry about them.

2. Write More.

This is another goal that has carried over from last month. I really want to continue writing for my own personal development, but also to share with others. My goal is to write at least once a week.

3. Read my Bible More.

I feel like I’ve been doing a poor job of this lately and think it is important to pursue. If you want to walk the walk, you should know the talk. In other words, its important to know what you believe.

4. Relax More.

I am horrible at relaxing. This is something I’ve talked about before, but I’m really trying to work towards.

5. Remain Calm

Marriage teaches you a lot of things. I have learned in these past few months that I really need to remain calm even if I am extremely frustrated. I have a tendency to say things that don’t need to be said or to say things in unkind ways. I don’t think doing that is helpful to any situation. I hope to minimize these experiences and learn ways of remaining calm under stress.

6. Be More Healthy

Like everyone else, there are some things I don’t love about my physical appearance. During the years of my undergrad, I gained weight, which is fine. However, I do feel that I could stand to loose a few pounds to remain in a more optimal health range. (I’m on the border between a healthy weight and overweigh for my height). Additionally, I have some dietary restraints that make me feel quite unwell at times. I would like to continue finding meals that do not make me feel sick and meals that give me energy.

I think that these are all the goals I have for the next little while. Hopefully I can make some more progress on them!

What goals have you set for yourself?


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