October Goals Double-Take

Hi everyone,

So this past month I made three goals for myself. Overall I think I did fairly well, but I’m a little late on discussing them. I think my greatest accomplishment in October was finishing ALL of the thank you cards for my wedding! I can’t even begin to describe the weight that has been lifted off of my shoulders. It is really difficult to write hundreds of personal thank you cards. I guess now I have to make sure they all get delivered!

The other two goals I had were to write more and to schedule more. I think I have improved in both of these areas, but am still not where I want to be with them. As far as writing goes, I would really like to post something once a week. I find writing blog posts to be a good release of emotions and ideas. It is nice to have someone to share them with. Likewise, I really would like to do better with scheduling my time. In particular, I’m still struggling with blending my husband’s schedule with mine. Perhaps once we figure out what works best for us I can share it with all of you!

Thank you for helping me be accountable and hopefully I can continue to grow in these areas. Stay tuned for more monthly goals!

How do you stay on track with your goals?


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