Tips for Moving

I am a total move amateur but that won’t stop me from giving my two cents on it! Just so everyone knows where I am coming from I have only moved officially once. I did live in dorm a few times during my undergrad degree but I don’t think that really counts. On the other hand, my husband has moved at least 7 times in his life. From a newbie’s perspective here are some tips I have discovered about moving!

  1. Throw stuff out. 

While you are packing get rid of stuff you don’t use or don’t like. Either donate it, give it to a friend, or if it is busted you can toss it in the trash. It really isn’t worth all the extra time and effort to move all the things you are going to get rid of. Once you are in your new place you won’t want to have to sort things much either.

2. Make a list of missing items.

This kind of goes along with the first tip. While you are cleaning and packing make a list of all the items you need to replace or that you will need in your new house. I didn’t do this, but I regret not taking the time to write things down. It takes a while to get everything unpacked and you don’t want to buy things you already own. Plus its nice to have a family wish list so that each month you can set aside money for things you really want or need.

3. Try not to spend too much time on one thing.

I must admit that I cried so much while I was packing. I have never moved and that made everything I picked up sentimental to me. My fiancé (now husband) suggested to stop thinking about all the memories connected to each item and to try to pack quickly. It was hard but this advice did seem to help.

4. Label stuff.

Label the boxes you pack up! It is a simple tip but very effective. I really wanted to know which boxes had what in them so we labeled all of them. It paid off well as we were able to get our most important items unpacked quickly and leave less important boxes for later.

5. Enlist help.

If there is someone you can trust to touch your stuff getting help is really useful. Packing and unpacking goes much more quick if you have more hands to help you. My husband, family, and some friends ended up helping us move. Thank you folks!

These are just a few little tips I picked up in my first move. I’m sure the next time I move I will come up with some more. I hope that they can be of some use to you too!

What is your best advice or tips for someone moving? 


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