Energize without Coffee!

I don’t like coffee. I’m probably one of few who don’t. However, I really wish I did like coffee when I am running from class to work and had little sleep the night before. Lately I’ve been feeling like I’ve had so little time to finish the many things I have to do (hence the lack of posts), but I feel like if I get some energy back, more will be able to be accomplished. Here are some ways I stay awake without coffee:

  1. Drink tea! There are so many different flavours and some do contain caffeine. However, many herbal teas can wake you up as well. Many people use mint tea to wake up and I am always down to drink a nice berry tea to start the day fresh.
  2. Get sleep. A no brainer for sure, but hey even I need a reminder about this one.
  3. Investigate your iron levels. I typically have low iron levels due to dietary restrictions I have. However, I can tell when my iron is really low because it makes me unnecessarily tired. To remedy this I take iron supplements.
  4. Eat chocolate! I love chocolate and having a piece of dark chocolate sometimes does the trick for me.
  5. Eat right. Again this is pretty straight forward, but our bodies use food for energy. If you eat right, you are more likely to have more energy.
  6. Exercise. Half the time I am way too tired to exercise. However, doing 5 minutes of stretches somehow wakes me up. I’m sure there is some scientific reason for this, but I’m just glad it works!

I hope these 6 tips of energizing without coffee has helped you fellow coffee dislikers.

How do you stay awake without coffee?

Until next time,



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