When that Mysterious Black Blob Falls From the Sky

Today I was thinking about what it means to have faith. I wonder sometimes how we are even able to put our faith in things when we so often have our faith in something broken. I don’t know how many times I have put my faith in someone or something only to have them not be what I put my trust in.

I see faith as an action with many layers. When we have faith so many other qualities are wrapped up into the action. When you have faith, you trust, you are loyal to what you put your faith in, you have respect for it, you are hopeful, you have peace, and you feel safe. I may be missing some aspects but I think that faith is a positive action. However, this doesn’t mean that faith can’t be put in something that is unworthy. There are somethings that aren’t able or ready to have someone put their faith in. Our other problem is that we sometimes too freely put faith in things or people. I feel like it is really important to have a reason for any faith you have in anything. A hopeless faith is not a good faith.

As I was pondering these thoughts and wondering how I could ever have proper faith, something strange happened. As I sat in my bed, I heard a weird, slimy peeling sound. The sound reminded me of when you throw silly putty slime at the wall and it slowly peels off. I quickly looked up only to see some black thing quickly drop to the ground. By this point, I am thinking what the heck is happening and a bit worried that I am going to be attacked by some crazy monster. Obviously, that is very unrealistic, but I still sat there too afraid to peer off the end of my bed to see what it was. I sat there thinking of what the mysterious black blob could have been and finally let curiosity get the better of me. I slowly approached the end of the bed and scanned the floor with my eyes. Nothing. I didn’t find a thing. As I chuckled a bit to myself, it was at this moment I realized something big. Without knowing, I put my faith in something and trusted that no mystery blob was going to attack me. If I can put my faith in that, putting my faith in bigger things should be easy. I really try to put my faith in God that He will take care of me. So far, I have yet to be let down. With family members in the hospital, my wisdom teeth removal, and all other aspects of life being at the forefront of my brain, if I put faith in God, I can easily go about my day and have the strength to get through situations like these. As for the blob thing, I still have yet to find it. I don’t remember throwing any silly putty on my ceiling so I doubt its that. I thought for a moment I imagined it all, but there are a few black streaks on the ceiling proving that something was there! Hopefully, it will leave with out saying goodbye and that I never discover what it was.

Here’s me and the blob, signing out!


What do you think the blob was? Have you had to put your faith in something tough working out?


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