Tips for Cleaning Your Room

Here we go with some more tips. Lets face it. We all get messy at some point. I really like a tidy and clean space, but when I am stressed the state of my room rapidly declines. With my upcoming surgery, I decided to make sure my room was clean. This idea struck me as good because it would give me peace of mind, get rid of any dirt that could hinder healing, and allow me to move around easily if the painkillers make me a bit loopy. Today is actually my cleaning day, but I will outline my plan here and hopefully it will work for us all!

  1. Assess the damage.

Look at your space and try not to feel overwhelmed if there is lots to do. What are the major things that need to be cleaned? Do you have a part that is particularly bad or something that you have to clean weekly? Keep these in mind and don’t worry you can handle it!

2. Write out a game plan.

With your assessment in mind, write out a list of specifics that need to be cleaned. If there is something that makes sense to clean first, put that first. Don’t worry about following the order of the list exclusively, but the list will help remind you of things to clean later. As a bonus, its rewarding to cross things out on your list!

3. Gather some supplies.

Do you need garbage bags and cleaner? Grab some of those things now and don’t forget gloves! If you are like me, gloves will be your best friend if there is a gross spider hiding somewhere and you don’t want to touch him with your hands.

4. Pick a background motivator.

I can’t clean and feel happy if I don’t have something to keep me going. Music or movies are great motivators and can help keep your morale up. If you choose to use a movie or a tv show as a background motivator, be weary of choosing something you have not seen before. I have found that if you choose a movie you haven’t seen, you will become distracted. However, if you choose something you have seen five times then you are more likely to listen rather than watch. My go to movies are The Lord of The Rings, Muppet Treasure Island, and Beauty and the Beast. It helps if you can sing along to your motivator as well!

5. Clean like Loonette from The Big Comfy Couch

Now,  you may have no idea who Loonette is. She is a clown from a Kid’s T.V. show. She had this part of the show where she cleaned everything in 10 seconds. Although I don’t recommend you only spend 10 seconds cleaning, her attitude is in the right place. You just have to own up to your mess and clean it up quickly and efficiently. If you are curious about the 10 second tidy, check out the video clip below.

I hope these tips prove to be useful and I wish you luck on your cleaning adventures. I’m off on mine!

Happy Cleaning!



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