Sunday Funday?

Hey there!

I had something else planned to post today, but I unfortunately won’t be able to finish that piece for tonight. I’ll be honest, I’m really tired. Sundays are usually really great days for me. I get to go to church, spend time with my boyfriend, cook great food and relax. However, this week is a bit different for me. I’ve been really stressed. Actually, anxious. At the end of this week I am having my wisdom teeth removed and it has been freaking me out! I’m a bit older than most people who get them out, but luckily they are pretty straight so it should be very easy to remove. I suppose the unknown experience is unsettling, but I’m starting to feel a bit better about it for now. I just need to catch up on lost sleep and try to remain calm as best as I can! You can look forward to seeing more posts soon, but just be warned that posts might be less next week due to healing.

Until next time,



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