No More Grumpy Travels

There are not many things I hate in this world. One is blueberries. Another is people putting there feet on my pillow. My greatest hate is public transit. Well, to be honest, it was my greatest hate. I disliked the crowded trains, the inconsiderate commuters, the extra time, etc., but after having a few good cries over the reality of travelling that way, I decided to change my attitude. I developed some strategies to overcome my hate for public transit and they seemed to have worked. I don’t mind travelling as much now, even though I’d still much rather not. I no longer have a sense of dread about taking a bus or train somewhere, which has made me feel much more happy and productive. Here are a few tips if you share a similar distaste for commuting via transit.

Change your attitude.

If you work yourself up over something, you will only feel worse when you do that thing. Your mind is a powerful machine, so use it to make your life better and not worse. Make a list of the positive aspects about transit and keep these in mind when you have to use it. For example, transit cuts down on air pollution and can often save you money.

Start a hobby that is travel friendly.

Bring a book along to read, knit, ponder life, write in a journal. Do something you enjoy while you have some time stuck on the train or bus.

Make clever arrangements.

Often times friends, co-workers, or family might be travelling the same way you are. See if you can arrange to commute on transit with them or join them in their car. Transit is infinitely better when you can travel with a friend.

Play a Game.

When all else fails, play the people game. Imagine where different people are going and where they came from. You can create a whole character about them! Just be sure not to stare too long. No one likes that…
I hope these few small tips are helpful to you and that it will make your transit experience a lot more enjoyable.
Happy Travels!

Are there any topics you would like to hear my two cents on? What tips would you like to hear about? 


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