I Work Ouuut 

Lately I’ve been feeling really sore all over. Whether it be from walking several hours a day, being on my feet all day, or stress, it was getting to be too much. This weekend I decided to do some hardcore stretching and roped my lovely boyfriend into doing some yoga with me. The two of us set up on the living room floor and picked out a class in the yoga app called Yoga Studio. A friend recommended this app to me about a year ago and I love it. Although it costs a little bit to purchase (about $5), it is well worth it for all the different classes it has and explanations of poses. It is extra helpful to me since I am still recovering from having a pinched nerve in my neck. The classes and physiotherapy exercises have worked together to help rebuild the muscle in that area. 

I highly recommend doing some yoga poses if you experience pain daily like I do. It is an excellent way to manage that pain without having to take medications daily. I look forward to adding some more exercise to my daily life as pain further pain management and to get more fit.
Until Next time,


How do you stay fit? What ways do you manage your pain?


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