Bigfoot and Relaxation

Here I am checking in on this lovely Sunday evening. I think I’ve done pretty well with the goals I have set out for the blog this past week. I have posted more, but am still looking to create a more regular posting schedule. As for more photos, my camera still has yet to be set up again. This is one goal that needs to carry on into next week. Overall, this has been a good week though. 

Today was especially good. Some great opportunities came up at church this morning and I enjoyed the pastor’s sermon a lot. To add to the good day, I had lunch with my boyfriend and had the pleasure of visiting Chapters. I love going there! It has to be one of my favourite stores to visit. Today was an extra nice visit as both of us purchased some desired items. My boyfriend bought a graphic novel and one of Stephen’s Kings novels, and I got a lapdesk and a file for my tax papers (eww taxes). As I sit here using my beautiful new lapdesk, I can already tell it is going to make productivity a lot better for the blog and my work. I’m also happy that today I finally got some relaxation in too. For fun, I watched a documentary called “Bigfoot’s Reflection” and have to say I don’t know what to think about it now. Maybe there is a creature like that out there in the woods. Who knows! Anyway, I hope you are all having a relaxing weekend and I look forward to sharing with you all more next week.

Until next time,



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