Walking the Walk: Part 1

A few weeks ago I did a series called “Mind and Body”. This series was about taking care of your mental and physical health so that you are able to function well, and serve God and others to the best of your ability. I understand that not all of you reading are Christians, but feel free to read these posts anyway. If at the very least, those posts centred around having a healthy body and mind which everyone should strive to have. This new series, “Walking the Walk”, is about living a healthy spiritual life. Again, I understand that some of you do not believe in God and may think that Christians are hypocrites. I’m not going to give an argument for or against either of these ideas right now, but please do keep reading if you want. Even if you do not believe, the posts in this series could give you some insight into what I strive to do to have a healthy spiritual life or in other words, a healthy relationship with God. I also believe that the concepts discussed in this series are an important part of every Christian’s life. This does not mean that everyone does these things or doesn’t mess up once in awhile. I am not professing to be perfect and I mess up a lot. However, over the next few weeks I am hoping to share what I think “Walking the walk” looks like for Christians from a biblical perspective.

Have an awesome weekend!


How do you walk your walk? 


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