When you don’t reach your goals

So this week was a bit weird. Many situations came up out of the blue and I felt extra exhausted. I guess I technically posted twice this week, but I feel like to reach that goal I must post twice during weekdays. I am a bit disappointed but I understand that it is not possible to reach all your goals every time. Sometimes when we don’t reach our goals, it is worthwhile to look back and see why we didn’t reach them. Was the goal unrealistic? Did anunforeseen  circumstance come up? Did you say the goal was one thing when you really meant something a bit more specific? These are all good questions to ask when goal setting. So today I have decided to refine my goal. I propose to post two blogs minimum during the weekdays and more on the weekend if I have time. I would also like to add a new goal. This week I want to get my camera charged and working again so I can take some nice photos for this blog. IPhone’s are great but they just don’t match up to a real camera. There you have it! Two new goals.

Happy Goal Setting,



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