E-Reader VS Paper 

This debate started years ago which might mean I’m a little late joining in now. I love to read. I like to read fiction, non-fiction, academic papers, or children’s stories. No matter what type of book it is, I would at least give it a try. Maybe you are an avid reader yourself? If so, then you can probably predict what I might say next. Avid readers end up buying books and that leads to having no space in your house! I think that every corner of my room has books in it. I have so many books that I even designed and built a desk that is made out of bookshelves to hold them all! This is what turned me onto e-reading. 

Don’t get me wrong… I love and prefer to have a paper-bound book in my hands much more than a screen. It just got to the point where I literally could not fit anymore books into my house. I bought an e-reader primarily for school. I lived on campus and could not dream of taking all the leisure books I wanted. I bought a Kobo Glo e-reader.  It is light weight, doesn’t hurt my eyes, and it is pink (an excellent feature for those who like colourful things). For me, e-reading has been a great addition to my reading adventures. Sometimes I wonder why there is even a debate between paper and screen. No one said that one path had to remove the other. I use both the e-reader and paper books to enjoy a good read. With all this being said, I do have some guidelines for what books I use in which form. I like both methods of reading, but I do find that one is more suitable for certain tasks.

Academic Readings

If you are in school and looking to buy a book for class, don’t buy it for your e-reader. I have tried both methods and paper wins out in this area. For some reason, the information sticks better when you aren’t looking at a screen. Additionally, the ability to quickly flip to a different section in the book and to add notes to the margins or with sticky notes is really important. Students have a limited time to read and study. Dealing with technology problems instead of reading is just not worth it in my opinion. If you want to read some class slides or an academic book for fun, an e-reader is okay. Serious study isn’t easy to do there though. Also, you can’t loan or re-sell e-books. Most students sell at least some of their books so it is more worthwhile to get your textbooks as paper books.

For Fun Readings

If I am reading for fun, the e-reader is perfect. You can gets thousands of free books to read on Kobo’s website and they even have a fun award system for reading different things. You get badges for reading at certain times of the day or for reading a certain novel. As a bonus, books are often cheaper in e-reader format. The only books I do not get on my e-reader are books I know I want in paper. For example, classics like Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll or The Lord of The Rings by J.R.R.Tolkien are books I would buy as paper.

E-Reader Features

So as you read this post, you may have been wondering what features e-readers offer. First of all here is a link to Kobo’s website. I prefer the look and feel of the Kobo e-reader over a Kindle e-reader, but not everyone shares that opinion. E-readers feature a large storage capacity for books. You can have a giant library while only taking up a small amount of space in your home. Some e-readers feature backlighting that acts like a book light when turned on. I think this is a great feature for those who like to read at night, but do not want to have a bright light on. Another feature is the ability to highlight and delete highlights inside your book or to comment in them without wrecking the pages. This is useful if you want to write a quick note about something in the text. One of the best features e-readers have is that they are light weight. Having suffered a pretty serious arm injury this past year, I know that paper books can really weigh more than you might think. E-readers are sometimes even lighter than your cellphone, which is a nice quality if you read for long periods of time. The battery life is pretty long and charging is very quick. Lastly, e-readers do not hurt your eyes like tablets or computers do if you look at the screen for too long. I’m not sure how they do that, but my eyes feel a lot more relaxed looking at an e-reader than a tablet or screen.

I hope that all of this was helpful if you were wondering what option was best for you. Reading is such an important skill and whatever gets you reading more enjoyably is the path you should take! What do you prefer to read with? Enjoy your e-readers and paperbacks!

Until Next Time,



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