When your Bonnie lies over the ocean.

So I’m sure this has happened to everyone at one point in their lives. Your significant other has gone on a trip and you were unable to go with them. At this point you might, feel like you don’t know what to do. Suddenly, you might have a lot of time on your hands because you spent a lot of time with them or you might miss their warm embrace. This recently happened to me as my boyfriend travelled to England for a conference. It was difficult for more than one reason, but especially because he has a very old school phone and we could not talk at all. Luckily, he is back in the country, but will be unable to see each other for another two weeks. So here I am writing to you and have some suggestions for you the next time this situation happens to you!

1. Keep some photos around to look at when you miss them.

2. If you like their scent, try to put some of their cologne/perfume on a piece of paper or borrow a worn shirt to sniff when you miss them.

3. Exchange a letter or two before your significant other leaves so you can “hear” them even when they aren’t there.

4. Contact them via e-mail, text or skype if possible.
5. Write messages for them to read when they return.

6. Plan something fun for the two of you to do when they return from their trip.

7. Reflect on the fun times you had on the past.

8. Pray for them.

9. Visit with your friends while they are away.

10. Distract yourself with the things you love. Maybe a hobby you enjoy or try something you have always wanted to do!

These are just some ideas to help you until are reunited with your significant other. There are so many other things you can do while they are away but these 10 options really helped and are helping me. However, I think it is really important to note that there are some things you should not do.

Never EVER never ever ever NEVER assume that your significant other is doing something that they shouldn’t be or doing something that would upset you while they are away. If you have suspicions, talk to them when they return, but imagining scenarios that may or may not be true won’t help anyone. Additionally, it is normal to occasionally have a worrying thought, but having a consistent fear of where they are, what they are doing or who they are with is not a good sign. Having fears like this is a red flag that your relationship may not be healthy. I would suggest talking to someone who is trustworthy about those fears if they exist.

I hope that these thoughts are helpful. Much of this post is just musings, but I do think that it is something many of us will face at one point in our lives.

Until next time,



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