Bathtub Reflections: Philosophy in Education

So I was relaxing in the tub and began to think about the state of our education systems. Perhaps not the most relaxing topic… However, I came to some conclusions. I do think there are many good aspects to the education system, but I find that it is lacking in some areas. I think that a classical education is really beneficial, but yet still lacking a modern edge. If I had it my way, I would love a hybrid. I bet there are many schools and educators that try to have a good balance of the two, but in the very least I think that all people should have some background in philosophy. Not everyone will agree with me, but hear me out! These are my reasons:

1. Philosophy teaches a history of thought. By studying the past, we can find out how the views people hold now came to be. This can be an insightful way of understanding where people are coming from or useful in solving issues the world deals with today. Maybe some philosophers of the past have paved the way for the YOLO philosophy of the day or why doctor assisted suicide is becoming more accepted globally. In the very least, it offers food for thought for today.

2. Philosophy is a method of dealing with inevitable “big life” questions. So many great minds have seriously and deeply contemplated the big questions we all face throughout our lives. Some of these big questions might be death, creation, God, people, existence, purpose, etc. Having a method of dealing or trying to answer these questions provides ease of mind and the ability to share your answers with others. 

3. Philosophy can build you up as a person. This one may be more obvious or less obvious depending on who you speak with. However, practising philosophy can greatly develop your argumentation skills and problem solving skills. You will learn to have the tools to stick up for yourself and having these tools might just give you a boost of confidence. For some philosophers, their boost of confidence sky rockets and they might need to tone it down a few notches, but a healthy serving of humble pie is sometimes in order. Either way you spin it, learning to express your opinions in a healthy and productive manner can be of great benefit for yourself personally and for a employer. 

I’m sure there are many more reasons, but you can only think of so many before the bathwater goes cold! I hope you all have a wonderful day.

– Katie


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