The Mind and Body: Part 4

Here is my fourth tip to having a healthy mind and body that will help you in your spiritual walk as well. 

Most people hate to do it, but there are just so many benefits to exercise. Exercise helps our bodies grow strong, to keep our hearts and lungs pumping oxygen and blood, helps us to feel more happy… The List goes on! The cool thing about exercise is that it can help heal your body too. Last year, I pinched a nerve and used physiotherapy to help the injury heal. It is still healing, but the results have been dramatic. I really do think exercise is important and helps us to lead healthier lives. If you are one of those people who don’t like to exercise, maybe these steps will help you find some exercise you like.

1. Decide you want to exercise. 

You will have to make that choice. You don’t want to feel forced by others.

2. Set a realistic goal.

Choose a goal. Maybe that is to do 30 mins of exercise once a week for one month. Then the following month you want to do 30 mins of exercise twice a week. Start small, but stick to your goal!

3. Find some activities you like to do.

I would try to find one cardio activity you like (ex. jumping rope, swimming,) and one toning activity you like (ex. yoga, pilates, weight lifting.) That way you can mix up what you are doing and do something you enjoy. Also make sure it is something your doctor approves of you doing. Maybe running isn’t a good idea if you just had knee surgery.

4. Dedicate your plan to God.

This really should be the first step, but sometimes you might feel like you can’t dedicate something to Him if you don’t know what it is. You could just say, “whatever exercise plan I make, I dedicate it to you. I want to keep my body and mind healthy so that I can better serve you.” God is the best accountability partner there is!

5. Ask a friend to join you and keep each other accountable.

There is strength in numbers my friends! Also it is way more fun.

I hope these help to get you on your exercise journey. Don’t feel discouraged if you struggle to keep a routine. I have trouble with that too. Just keep trying and eventually you will get the hang of it, or change your goals to suit your current needs for a set time period. If it is encouraging, when I exercise I find that this verse really makes me motivated.

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. “ 
 – 2 Timothy 4:7

This verse isn’t exactly about exercise, but it feels encouraging to exercise while focusing on the “spiritual race” I am training in. Hope that makes sense!

– Katie


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